• Dear Fellow Members,


    The First introductory meeting was held at Fine..

  • Dear member,

     We cordially invite you for iamfine Meeting at Fine Centre on 19th Dec 2013. Evening 6:30 pm onwards.

     Please send a confirmati..

  • Dear member,

     We cordially invite you for iamfine Meeting at Fine Centre on 26th Dec 2013. Evening 6:30 pm onwards.


    Please send a c..

  • Share Your Article, Thought, Stories, Etc... and get posted.


  • 1..
  • Dear Friends,

    we are gathering for morning walk near Pashankar Show Room - Sus Road, on 15th Feb 214 at 6 Am. hope to see you all.

    Stay fit.


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  • Join Us !

  • Dear members,

    We have made functional teams in order to improve our activities, participation and communication.  The teams are :

    1. Adventure/cyc..

  • Dear Members,

    We are meeting at 6.45 am on 12.12.2014 at Technospace, Mhalunge, Off Bangalore Mumbai Highway, Pune.

    We are meeting to celebrate i am fi..


    12.12.14 was celebrated as i am fin..

  • "I am fine" Pune to Goa Cycling tour starts on Monday. All the best to all the members. Wishing all the cyclists all the best all the time. Happy cycling.  

  • Congratulations Mr. Vaidy for successfully completion of Mumbai Marathon.


    Mumbai: The 2015 edition of the Mumbai Marathon ..

  • Congratulations "NITIN"  for successful completion of Pune to Kolhapur Cycling Expedition.

  • And present moment is most

    Valuable power on our command..

  • Action Plan

  • i am fine cycling Group is organising Pune to Saptashrungi Garh Cycling Expedition for 2 days - 310 kms
    Starting Point - Shivaji Statue, Karven..

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12/02/2016 4:22 PM
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